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Can Huawei’s app gallery compete with Apple and Google?

Can Huawei’s App Gallery compete with its competition, the App Store and the Play Store? Here we compare the three largest application providers. “There is an application for that”. Ten years after Apple’s catchy slogan hit the airwaves, philosophy could hardly better encapsulate the smartphone age we live in. When you are starting a new […]

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Huawei tablet: Huawei launches the MediaPad M5 Lite 10 at Rs 22,990

Chinese tech giant Huawei launched his MediaPad M5 Lite 10 tablet in India priced at Rs 22,990. The tablet will be available on Flipkart, Croma and several retail stores. It will go on presale on March 6, 2020 with exclusive offers for customers purchasing during this period; interested consumers can register on Huawei India’s “Notify […]

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Huawei’s app gallery may become a serious rival on Google Play: here’s why

Caught in the midst of a powerful fight between the US and Chinese administrations, phone maker Huawei has been stripped of the right to use Google Mobile Service (GMS) on its new Android smartphones launched in 2020. The inability to provide access to essential services and apps like Google Play, Google Drive and Maps on […]

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“Huawei App Gallery: In the center of the scene for emerging application developers” – Dhanika Perera- Bhasha – Adaderana Biz Français

As a country that produces very talented individuals in many fields, Sri Lanka has experienced a digital boom in recent years with many budding entrepreneurs and startups moving to ICT and IT service companies. Over the past decade, many digitization initiatives have been carried out with the support and recognition of government institutions. Having recognized […]

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Google warns Huawei phone users against sideloading its apps and services on devices

Even as Chinese tech giant Huawei is set to launch its first wave of mobile service-powered phones Huawei (HMS) today, its former partner Google has warned users against charging. side of its applications on these new phones to ignore. the effects of the Android ban are facing it. The creator of the mobile operating system […]

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Why using a Huawei phone without Google isn’t so bad after all

New Huawei phones will run on Android open source project One of the most common misconceptions about Huawei’s latest smartphones is that they don’t run the popular Android operating system (OS). Phones like the Mate 30, unveiled last year, actually run an open source version of Android whose interface is so familiar to millions of […]