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Some Huawei phone users will soon no longer be able to message their friends on Android

Google is making major changes to its popular Messages app, which will prevent some smartphone users from chatting through the popular service. As of March 2021, some “uncertified” Android devices will no longer be able to download and use the platform, which will be a blow to millions of people. Among the devices targeted by […]

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Huawei to announce “My Huawei App” and new gaming technology tomorrow

Despite the US government’s ban on Huawei, the company is still holding up. According to reports from famous Huawei product leakster Weibo @ChanganDigitalKing, Huawei will announce “My Huawei App” and some gaming technologies tomorrow. According to the report, “My Huawei App” integrates multiple multiple applications into one. The likes of Pollen Club, Huawei Services, Gameplay […]

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Huawei’s app gallery redesigned with improved navigation and updated ‘Featured’ tab

On Monday, Huawei announced a redesigned update to its App Gallery app with a revamped user interface and a new “Featured” tab that improves users’ ability to discover new apps. From the Featured tab, users will see a map-style feed that gives a quick overview of featured apps, including images, guides, and articles related to […]

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Huawei laptop launched pricing options: Huawei launched 3 beautiful laptops, great options in MateBook X Pro – huawei matebook x professional 2021 matebook 13 2021 matebook 14 2021 laptops, see pricing specs

Enter21st.Huawei, the producer of high-end smartphones, unveiled the price of these three smartphones on January 17, as well as the curtains. These laptops belong to the Huawei Matebook series. Huawei MateBook X Pro 2021, Huawei MateBook 13 2021, and Huawei MateBook 14 2021 have been released in many variations.learn that too-Super provide! Up to 10,000 […]

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How to update your Huawei phone software – Bestgamingpro

How to update your Huawei phone software Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central Even if you have the best Android phone ever, updating your phone is still extremely important. Software updates bring improved security, new features and sometimes even a complete visual overhaul thanks to new versions of the Android platform. Everyone likes to receive […]

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Tencent Games slated to be removed from Huawei’s app store due to revenue dispute

Tencent’s online gaming offerings were removed from Huawei’s app store because the two companies failed to reach a revenue-sharing agreement, Tencent and a source said on Friday. “Due to the failure of Huawei’s mobile games platform to renew its contract with our mobile games promotion project agreement as planned, relevant products from Tencent Games were […]