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Download Dali Art Themes on Huawei Phone

From melting clocks to phones to lobsters to elephants to stilts, Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí has ​​painted and sculpted dreamlike works with such intense photographic realism that it raised a universal question among admirers: What is happening on Earth?

Inspired by psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Dalí explored the relationship between our subconscious and our conscious mind to create an altered view of the world, blurring the lines between the real and the imaginary (spoiler: this is what was happening).

Dalí was passionate about adopting the latest technology, from holography to anamorphosis, to bring his work to life. It’s no wonder, then, that the pieces have a timeless beauty, and her sculptures are just as relevant and impressive today as they were when they were first unveiled. That’s why HUAWEI Themes has chosen to partner with The Dalí Universe, one of the largest private collections of Dalí artwork in the world, to create six exclusive themes for its smartphones.

Salvador Dalí in 1956

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For HUAWEI, art has always been about intuitive interactions and endless possibilities, and Dalí themes perfectly deliver this creative aesthetic, allowing users to show their individuality through their screens. Dalí’s passion for innovation continues through a whole new medium.

Today, thanks to the wonders of technology, you don’t have to visit a gallery to experience the true breadth and intelligence of Dalí’s work. You can access its iconic surreal style with just the touch of a finger by downloading the six exclusive Dalí themes straight to your HUAWEI phone.

To get a taste of what to expect, we asked Pascal Gauzès, Marketing Director of The Dalí Universe, to tell us about his three favorite sculptures, which feature on HUAWEI themes.

artwork by dali

Dalí Paris

“Alice in Wonderland” in HUAWEI Themes is based on one of Dalí’s favorite works. Dalí felt a strong connection to the surreal text of Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the dreamlike imagery he conjured up. He was delighted to be invited to illustrate a limited edition of the book in 1969, and his illustration of Alice was later transformed into the sculpture seen in that theme.

“The artist was clearly drawn to both the incredible story and the extravagant characters in this fairy tale,” Gauzès explains. “Alice is the eternal child who responds to the confusion of the world behind the mirror with the overwhelming naivety of childhood.”

dali 2 nobility of time

Dalí Paris

Dalí’s famous fusion clock is at the center of the “nobility of time” in HUAWEI themes. This symbol represents a metaphysical image of time devouring itself and everything in between, says Gauzès. “The time, according to the Dalinian watch, is immutable and cannot be set, and the watch itself has neither power nor internal movement. Time reigns supreme over art and reality. This image on your home screen will remind you to stop and enjoy the moment (if that makes you arrive for dinner on time, we’re not so sure).

artwork by dali

Dalí Paris

Dalí was fascinated by the story of Lady Godiva, who, according to legend, walked naked through the streets of Coventry in protest against the taxes imposed by her husband. She has been the muse of many Dalí sketches, paintings and prints, and the focal point of this sculpture, which is now accessible as a HUAWEI theme.

“Dalí is often criticized for what we call ‘the male gaze’. But in a way, we can consider that Lady Godiva was the first ‘femen’ who really used her femininity to protest against phallocracy, ”says Gauzès. “By portraying her in such a glorifying way, she comes across more as a conqueror than a sexualized symbol.”

Personalize your mobile phone with images from The Dalí Universe sculpture collection

The look, feel and functionality of its smartphones has always been a crucial part of HUAWEI’s design. So the brand is thrilled that users can now give their phones a truly personal and brilliantly surreal touch. To access these amazing works of art on your HUAWEI phone, simply open “Theme” and search for “Dalí Universe”. Using images from The Dalí Universe sculpture collection, you can customize your cell phone icons, fonts, lock screen and wallpaper.

Dalí is said to have written in his diary at the age of 16: “I will be a genius and the whole world will admire me. Even in his wildest surreal dreams, he could never have imagined that future fans would be able to “magically” his work with just a swipe of the screen, anytime, anywhere.

Watch the video below to see Pascal Gauzès talking to ELLE editor-in-chief Katie O’Malley about the groundbreaking collaboration …

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