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Download Huawei App Gallery Apk (2020-2021), New Features Added

Since the ban on Huawei, officials have struggled to provide alternatives. Nothing can replace the services offered by Android and the Google Apps package preinstalled on Android devices. So instead of breaking through and coming up with alternatives to these apps and services, Huawei now has a plan to launch a completely different operating system for smartphones, replacing its own custom EMUI skin.

We’re posting in mid-2020 indicating that Huawei has already started work on HarmonyOS, an alternative to the Android operating system – more like rival software. This software will be open not only to Huawei devices, but to all smartphones ready to adapt to the framework.

Speaking of apps now, it’s still unclear how HarmonyOS will bring access to GApps or come up with an alternative that’s almost as good as Google’s. However, Huawei will continue with the AppGallery, the brand’s own app store for Huawei devices!

The latest version of Huawei AppGallery is here. You can download the APK version from the table below, after viewing all the details of this app.

Application name Huawei Apps Gallery
Version 2020 – 2021
Cut 33 MB
Application features Huawei official app store
Last update december 2020
Compatibility Android 4.4 or later

The link above will redirect you to a Google Drive folder from where you can safely download the AppGallery APK. If you haven’t installed an APK through Google yet, you’ll be prompted to allow permissions. Allow download from unknown sources (switch to the right) to start the download.

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