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Google apps on a Huawei phone? It’s easy now thanks to Googlefier

Huawei may have the world’s best smartphone camera again, but for many of us it’s still useless due to its lack of Google Mobile Services (GMS) and basic Google apps. We discussed how to install Google apps on a Huawei device some time ago, but its implementation was flawed and had problems. Now there is a new app that will do it all for you.

Say hello to Googlefier. Googlefier is an unofficial installer – and we wonder if Google will allow it to continue to exist – created by bender_007, a senior member of XDA. The new installer gives the user easy-to-follow instructions for installing the GMS and Google apps on a Huawei or Honor device, all without requiring a PC.

The app is simple to use – grab it from the Googlefier XDA feed and install it on your Huawei device. Then all you need to do is give it the required permissions and follow the provided steps to install GMS on your phone.

Googlefier will replace the existing backup application and restore LZPlay instead. It will then install the basic services on your device, assuming you follow the given instructions. After five short steps, you can install Google Play Store and other Google apps on your device, then install whatever you want from the Play Store. The whole process would take 5-7 minutes.

XDA has tested Googlefier on several Huawei phones running EMUI 10, including the P40 Pro. At this point, the process does not work on devices running EMUI 11, which is a shame considering that the best smartphone camera on the market is on a phone running EMUI 11. Bender_007 said:

i think M40p [Mate 40 Pro] will be without Google for a while, but let’s see what happens

If you decide to go back to Huawei’s software (I guess you have to guarantee it), the app provides a feature that lets you do it easily.

Googlefier development is still in its early stages with a few bugs noticed here and there, but we know it will eventually support all versions of EMUI, bug-free. Now we just need a Huawei Mate 40 Pro + to test it.

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