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HMS and Huawei app store target Google, Apple: when everything changed

The year 2020 will prove to the world just how ready Huawei is to live in a world without Google on Android. Huawei was barred from working directly with Google last year, which led them to seek an alternative to GMS: Google Mobile Services, aka Google’s official license to include Google apps and the Google Play digital content store on them. Android devices. Here in 2020, Huawei is set to launch its first phone with Huawei and HMS app store: Huawei Mobile Services, and it won’t be the last.

The start

Honorary President Zhao Ming spoke in an interview with WEMP / Tencent Deep Web via author Ma Guanxia, ​​confirming the Honor V30 will be released for an event in Barcelona “next week”. This will likely be on or after February 24, 2020. At that time, although MWC 2020 has been canceled due to NCoV-2019 (novel coronavirus), local European Huawei / Honor employees will take over and hold a Huawei conference / press event via the web.

Huawei will unveil the Huawei V30 series line of smartphones as well as at least one new Huawei smartwatch and Huawei laptop / notebook. It will be the first time that a smartphone will be released in the world with HMS, Huawei Mobile Services, the Huawei alternative to GMS, Google Mobile Services, on Android OS.

Development and growth

“Our strong hardware capabilities and distributed operating system capabilities, as well as our ability to share future-oriented industry development with industry, will contribute to the rapid development of Huawei’s mobile services package. Zhao Ming said. [roughly translated]. “Because of this,” Zhao Ming said, “[HMS deployment] can exceed many initial pre-judgments and expectations.

Zhao Ming went on to state that at some point Huawei expects HMS to have a massive set of its own apps that exist in its own app store, or “app gallery,” like he said it. “The app gallery will be the third largest app platform,” Zhao Ming said, “after Apple and GMS”.

Give up Google or not

At the end of January 2020, Huawei management had differing opinions – or posts that got a bit lost in translation. A report in Der Standard suggested that a Huawei official * said he would no longer work with Google services.

“Even if the US trade ban were lifted, Huawei would no longer revert to Google-Diensten (Google services), the company stressed at the request of Der Standard,” Andreas Proschofsky wrote for Der Standard. “The reason is simple: after all, one cannot count on the possibility that a new ban will not be enacted soon after. We want to get rid of this dependence on US politics.

* UPDATE: Official’s name: Fred Wangfei, Huawei Country Manager for Austria.

Huawei Germany then made a statement with the T3N publication. “An open Android system and ecosystem remains Huawei’s first choice,” said a representative from Huawei Germany. “However, if we are prevented from using it, we will be able to develop our own functioning and ecosystem.”

At the same time, the journalist Arnoud Wokke of the publication Tweakers spoke with a managing director of Huawei Netherlands, who said that Huawei will return to using Google services saying: “Google has been a partner for many years and is a priority for us. We believe in consumers’ choice of service on their devices.

Added once more statements have been made, Proschofsky wrote the following: “Just as a note for those reading this. There was no wiggle room in what Huawei told me, I asked them several times (as I was rather surprised myself) and they insisted on not going back to Google – even though the American ban falls.

Clear as mud

One way or another, the events that took place in 2019 between Huawei and the United States government affected the course of the entire smart mobile device industry from that point on. We’ll have our next big update on how it all plays out next week, as Huawei reveals its hand in Barcelona.

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