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Honor Pad 6 and X6 tablets double in Huawei’s app gallery

(Pocket-lint) – Who Said 10 Inch Tablets Are Dead? Honor doesn’t think so, introducing two slates into this sizable stadium. There’s the 10.1-inch Honor Pad X6 and the more capable 9.7-inch Honor Pad 6.

The names are similar, as is the specification. Both models use Huawei’s Kirin 710A processor, paired with 3GB of RAM (4GB in some regions for the X6). But the X6 is the lower spec model of the pair, with a lower resolution display – it’s “HD Ready”, at 1280 x 800, compared to the “Full HD” of the Pad 6, 1920 x 1200 pixels – and no 4G / LTE roaming option available.

The thing that really sets the Pad X6 apart? Its only ‘Neo Mint’ color finish. Delicious. The Pad 6 is available in a much more sensitive version – and have we not-heard-that-name-somewhere-else-before – Space gray finish.

The frames of the two shelves are made of metal, with a predominantly aluminum construction. The key, however, will be to aim for a lower price to reduce competition. After all, since Honor is a Huawei company, it is not licensed to run Google Play services on its devices – and as such, there is no Google Play Store, but rather based on App Gallery.

Is this enough to discourage you? Well, in tablet form there are some apps that are less needed – say, WhatsApp – if all you want to do is browse and stream content. In this case, App Gallery does not need to be completely deactivated. If the price is right …

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