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Huawei App Market detects 494 problematic apps in August

Huawei App Market announced that in order to improve the security of summer education applications for users, it launched a special test for educational apps in August. The safety function started working immediately by testing tens of thousands of applications. Interestingly, it detected a total of 494 problematic apps. Of course, these applications are no longer available on the Huawei App Market. Some of these apps received a notification to resolve potential issues before they could re-enter the market.

According to reports, this special project involves tens of thousands of applications in nearly 10 subdomains. Some of the subdomains include translation, English, test preparation, listening, reading, etc.. 24.32% of problematic apps have advertising issues such as frequent pop-ups. Additionally, 75.68% of problematic apps have significant issues with crashes, inability to connect, and other functional issues.. At present, the problematic requests have either been deleted or notified for rectification.

Huawei app market child mode

In addition, a new mode is now available on the Huawei App Market. This mode is the new “child mode” which is specific to underage users. Smartphone users can create an affiliate child account through Huawei’s adult account. From there, they can log into the kid’s account on Huawei phones and tablets to experience kid mode. In this mode, everything that the smartphone can access will be safe for children. In fact, if the device is in this mode, many “adult apps” will not be downloadable. Thus, parents can leave the device for children without worrying about what they are accessing on the Huawei App Market.

Child mode can filter app content suitable for age, reinforce positive value advice, and recommend content using manual setup. It also actively eliminates certain advertisements and promotions. In addition, in child mode, users cannot view comment content from the app details page. In addition, users will not be able to comments on applications and in forum interactions. In addition, the smartphone will not receive personalized marketing activities.

Huawei has worked tirelessly on its ecosystem and so far the company is not doing badly. Without a doubt, the HarmonyOS ecosystem is still a long way from Android and iOS. However, with almost 100 million smartphones using this system, it will be different from other smartphone operating systems. However, if Huawei is to get to the level of iOS and Android, then it has to think about a global release. For now, only Chinese models are getting HarmonyOS. That will change very soon and we will see the true prowess of Huawei.

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