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Huawei phone sales plummet even in China

Huawei’s legal woes in the US have made it much harder for the Chinese tech giant to keep sales at record levels, so for the past 12 months or so, the company has been grappling with declining shipments. pretty much all over the world.

Including in the domestic market, that is, new data shared by Counterpoint not only indicates that Huawei has lost the first place, but that it continues to lose ground even in China.

At this point, Vivo is the number one phone maker in China with 24% market share in the first quarter of 2021, followed by OPPO with 23%. Huawei is only third with 16%, but Xiaomi, Apple and Apple are quite close at 15% and 13%, respectively.

“The quarter marked the inevitable succession of leadership from Huawei as the besieged phone maker struggled to maintain shipments. vivo and OPPO have become clear leaders, accounting for almost half of all smartphones shipped during the period, ”Counterpoint explains.

The rise of 5G

Needless to say, investing in 5G seems to be the thing bringing the bacon home right now, so any companies that focus heavily on such devices are the ones getting the biggest sales.

Counterpoint analyst Yang Wang said the next sales leader in China is likely to be the company that manages to profit the most from Huawei’s decline while also bringing next-generation 5G devices to customers.

“With nearly three-quarters of its portfolio now made up of 5G devices focused on strong camera capabilities and a good balance between specs and costs, vivo is capitalizing on Huawei’s weakness and expanding to take shares in the domestic premium segment. “, did he declare.

One problem, however, could be the lack of chips, as Chinese phone makers could be affected as well.

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