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Huawei’s app gallery redesigned with improved navigation and updated ‘Featured’ tab

On Monday, Huawei announced a redesigned update to its App Gallery app with a revamped user interface and a new “Featured” tab that improves users’ ability to discover new apps.

From the Featured tab, users will see a map-style feed that gives a quick overview of featured apps, including images, guides, and articles related to the app. This content is curated by editors to help users understand what to expect from applications. The Featured tab has also been updated to scroll up and down vertically from newer to oldest apps, just like a regular feed.

A Campaign tab displays app promotions such as Cashback discounts, “sweepstakes” and challenges that reward users for trying or purchasing new apps. Meanwhile, the Gifts tab is where you would go to pick up the items offered in exchange for trying these apps. Freebies include free trials for premium services or in-game credits.

Featured App Lists
Featured App Lists

Featured App Lists

Apps and Games are now split into two tabs with reviews and ratings made more accessible for users to see what others think about the apps.

Huawei’s app gallery now has over 500 million monthly active users and Huawei has seen immense growth in its app store over the past year. The latest App Gallery update is now rolling out across Europe and users in the following countries should see the update appear on their Huawei and Honor devices soon: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Czechia, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Lithuania, Hungary and Ukraine.

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