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There’s no point in saving money on a phone if it doesn’t do the job.

But what is the price that allows you to go from entry-level limitations to at least some premium features? $ 500? $ 800? These days you’re probably going to have to shell out at least a mile for good battery life, a decent camera, and a fast processor, right?


How does it work $ 300 for your budget? …

Well, I’m exaggerating … the Huawei Y6p is not $ 300. It’s $ 299 RRP. I’ll keep reminding you of this as we go along, so excuse me in advance.

First of all, before the elephant can go anywhere close to the room, just like other 2020 Huawei handsets, the Y6p does not include Google services. Right now it’s pretty well covered territory and to be honest I actually stopped caring about it. For most of the users, by the time you have used Phone Clone to copy your existing apps to this device, you might not even notice any difference. Remember; it’s still an android 10 phone, it’s just not a google phone. As I mentioned in previous Huawei reviews, the app gallery is growing day by day and the app selection is really quite comprehensive.

But now there is still another tool to make sure you don’t miss a thing; Search for petals. This is a new search engine that you can easily add as a widget on Y6p (or the home screen of any Huawei phone). It’s an incredibly user-friendly tool, allowing you to search the web or find apps right from the widget. And I’m not just talking about the apps currently available on Huawei’s app gallery, I mean any application. If it cannot be installed by downloading an APK – don’t worry, if you don’t know what that means you will be prompted with step by step instructions – you will have the option to add a browser shortcut so that you can use the web version instead.

For example, although my ANZ GoMoney app is not yet Y6p compatible, the web version works fine instead.

Rest assured, there aren’t many apps that will not work with this phone and Petal Search will help you find anyone that does.

Apps that offer contactless payment options seem to be the biggest hurdles when it comes to joining the Huawei party – for me that means not only my ANZ app, but Caltex and BPMe as well. Hopefully these guys will get their Huawei Mobile Services feature up and running soon so I can start paying for my car gasoline like God intended.

So this is Petal Search … not unique to the Y6p but another demonstration of Huawei’s continued commitment to delivering stylish handset solutions that really get the job done.

But back to the phone itself …

Although it uses a Mediatek octa-core processor, rather than the super-fast Kirin chips you’ll find in Huawei’s high-end flagships, I didn’t find the Y6p particularly slow when I use it. Granted, features like Face Unlock take a bit longer to work, but they still work. As an alternative, there is a fingerprint sensor on the back which is indeed very fast.

Remember, right now this phone is selling for under $ 300.

You get 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage, which is pretty generous for a device in this price bracket. There is also an expansion slot in the sim tray for a microSD card up to 512 GB.

You can choose between Midnight Black or a very attractive Phantom Purple and the 6.3 inch LCD screen is clear and bright, with the ability to adjust the color temperature to your preference, operate in dark mode and there is even an eBook mode that converts the display to soft black and white – much more pleasing to the eyes for bedtime reading.

There is a single downward facing speaker that can be surprisingly loud. The sound is impressively clear and without distortion or vibration, especially when listening to more speech-oriented content like podcasts. There is a physical headphone jack if you are one of those who still prefer that. Otherwise, I found the Bluetooth connectivity to be excellent.

I’m not sure if there are any other $ 300 phones with a triple lens rear camera array, but if there are any I’d be amazed if they did such a good job as the Y6p. Again, it’s not the unmatched AI-assisted photo experience you’ll find on a Huawei Mate or P-series flagship, but I didn’t have to work very hard to get great wide-angle shots. Not to mention the good exposure of the interior photos taken at night – I really wasn’t expecting much but the Y6p seems to be able to find a little extra light when needed, despite the fact that it doesn’t. there is no dedicated night mode.

The selfies I took with the 8MP front camera are clear, with faithful color reproduction. Unfortunately, they were still me … I guess there’s not much you can do.

The real star of the show is the battery life. The Y6p is a reasonably compact phone, especially compared to some of the giant mega-phones these days. Still, it still packs a massive 5000mAh battery. Between Huawei’s traditionally aggressive battery optimization settings and the lower power consumption of the Y6p’s mid-range processor and display, the battery lasts for days. Literally. Some nights I go to bed with the power light still on at 80%. The downside is that there is no fast charge option and the charger connects via microUSB. This is really annoying because I’m quite used to reversible Type-C plugs and having to start fumbling with a one-way cable again is almost unforgivable.

Almost … remember, it’s just a $ 300 phone. Oh, actually – right now, as an introductory offer, it’s selling for just $ 199. Surprise!

This is actually the main problem with the Y6p – because it does most things very well, it’s easy to forget how little you paid for it. Processing power and storage? Good. Camera? Very good. Choice of applications? Thanks to Petal Search, excellent. And the battery life? Unbelievable.

If you are on a budget, the Y6p is a no-brainer.

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