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Moovit Comes to AppGallery as HUAWEI’s App Repository Continues Rapid Growth

HUAWEI recently continued to expand its in-house app repository – the AppGallery – at a steady pace, through partnerships with big names and offering lucrative incentives to developers. Months after adding three big names in navigation apps – TomTom GO, Bolt and HERE Maps – to the AppGallery, HUAWEI has now brought Moovit to its own application showcase. From now on, the The Moovit App is available for download from the AppGallery on HUAWEI and Honor brand smartphones. In addition, HUAWEI is also offering a personalized experience of Moovit’s services right in the HUAWEI browser.

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As for the app itself, Moovit’s mobility services have a user base of over 850 million people in 106 countries. The application is presented as a a one-stop-shop for all your urban mobility needs, providing users with information such as bus and train schedules, guiding them through maps, real-time transportation schedules, live navigation and service disruption alerts, among others. Whether you’re taking the train or plane for part of the scooter ride, the Moovit app’s multimodal navigation system is here to help.

Here is what Wang Heng, vice president of global partnerships and eco-development at Huawei Consumer Business Group (EEC and Nordic countries), said about the arrival of the Moovit app on the AppGallery:

As the leading city mobility app, Moovit is a fantastic addition to the AppGallery and fully inclusive so everyone can use transport with confidence. Even in the midst of the ever-changing situation due to current security measures, our customers can enjoy superior guidance wherever they are.

Some of the features that will prove particularly useful include Real-time arrival updates, departure alerts, bike docking station information and the ability to download PDF maps for offline viewing. Moovit claims to be the # 1 mobility app in the world, and with such a large user base under its wings, there is certainly some truth to this claim. Moovit, which is now owned by Intel following an acquisition earlier this year, consistently finds itself on the lists of the best transportation and mobility apps. And to ensure that the application passes on its benefits to the greatest number of users, it will be available in 45 languages.

Image: Moovit

With the arrival of Moovit, AppGallery presents another case as a viable app repository that users can rely on, without missing too much. A few weeks ago at the HUAWEI 2020 Annual Developer Conference, the Chinese giant announced that AppGallery Now Serves Over 490 Million Users In Over 170 Countries, and that app downloads reached 261 billion in the first half of 2020. At the time, HUAWEI reiterated that the top priority of AppGalery is to meet the diverse needs of users in different regions and provide them with service. ‘quality applications.

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