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More apps now available through Huawei’s app gallery

Huawei has continued its efforts to create its own ecosystem without Google Mobile Services. As we’ve seen locally, the company is still releasing smartphones that rely on their own Huawei mobile services. I have said before that the fact that they have introduced a few devices and are still planning other devices means that the reception by customers has to be pretty good.

Now the problem for many is how to find and install apps. Google apps and apps that rely on Google services will still not work properly, even if they are side-loaded. But for many people, there are apps other than Google that are very necessary. It can be reading apps, social apps, and many more. And Huawei has tried to find ways to ensure that users can easily access these apps.

Huawei has continuously assured us that they are doing their best to make all apps accessible through the app gallery. And that, of course, will take time. But with the recent introduction of many more important apps, it looks like the company is on the right track. Here are the new apps that can now be easily obtained from the app gallery:

  • Deezer
  • Telegram
  • Zoom
  • TIC Tac
  • Tide
  • BBC News
  • News UK bringing: The Sun, The Times and talkSPORT
  • Airlines including: Lufthansa, Emirates, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines, Latam Airlines
  • Tinder
  • Badou
  • Skyscanner

Developers certainly won’t be losing customers. Having their apps accessible to many more people is important to them, and Google’s ban is definitely harming them. That’s why many of them already list their apps on Huawei’s app gallery.

If an app isn’t on App Gallery, there is currently a service called Petal Search – read my Huawei Y8p review – that lets you search for any app and quickly install it on your device. It even offers updates. The point is, it acts as a search engine for APKs to find other third-party stores where the apps are listed.

To create this ecosystem, or rather to convince many people to buy their devices, Huawei is playing a price game – offering great hardware at great prices. That’s why many of their recent launches are quite competitive with offerings from other companies. Of course, Huawei isn’t sacrificing much for these new devices as they rebrand most of them from other ranges that weren’t available locally. But slowly, they seem to be managing to stay afloat and build their own parallel ecosystem.

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