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Tencent games restored after being deleted from Huawei’s app store

| Update:
06 January 2021 16:35:01

Tencent’s online games were removed and then reinstated on Huawei’s app store on Friday in a dispute over revenue sharing by the holding company of the Chinese multinational tech conglomerate.

Huawei was insisting on a 50% reduction in sales of Tencent games on the App Store and Tencent games were phased out because the companies had not been able to strike a deal, a Tencent source said.

Tencent sells some of the world’s top-ranked online games while Huawei has 41.4% of the Chinese mobile phone market and 14.9% of the global market, according to data from market researchers IDC and Canalys.

The games were restored to the App Store after further negotiations, Tencent said, adding that “the two sides will continue to work together to provide better experiences and services to consumers.”

Huawei did not immediately respond to a request for comment, reports Reuters.

A number of game developers have opposed Huawei’s revenue claims, including Shanghai-based Mihoyo, who last year decided not to place his hit game “Genshin Impact” on the Huawei app store. Huawei because of the sales commission structure.

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