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This is how you put Google Play on the Huawei phone

Huawei makes good phones, but that doesn’t interest us in the West anymore. Raison? The Chinese phone maker is still not allowing any progress from Google services on its new devices. This means that there is no Gmail, no Google Play app store, and no Google Maps. It sounds boring, but it’s worse: major apps like Tinder and Albert Heijn also use Google Maps. Fortunately, there is hope. In addition to the fact that Huawei has found solutions and significantly expanded its app store, there is a smart way to set up Google Play.

Google Play on Huawei phones

What it does is trick the Google Play app into thinking it’s the Huawei P30, which is the latest Huawei phone with Google services. You can then download the Dual Space app which is found both in the Huawei app gallery and in Google Play. However, do not download it from Google Play or Huawei App Gallery, download it through this link.

You can then download the apk file outside of known methods, so you may need to grant permission for this once. Note: This is done at your own risk, as in principle, it is not intended that you download separate apk files, rather than store apps.

Download Dualspace

If you have Dualspace 3.2.7. Once downloaded, you will immediately see the Google Play Store, where you can sign in with your Google account. You can then download and use Gmail, Keep, Drive, and Docs, among others. The only thing missing – and very unfortunate – is the Google Maps app. An alternative was built for this, called petal cards. It’s not the same, but it looks like it. The downside is that apps with location services still don’t work because those apps use Google Maps instead of Petal Maps.

If you’d rather not do all of that, no problem, you can still access Gmail on your newest Huawei-Telephone device. It’s not just a separate app, but a website in the browser (however, you can add it as a shortcut to your home screen). Google Maps remains a challenge for now, but when this code gets hacked, we’ll get back to you, of course.

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