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Update for support and community

HUAWEI is condensing some of its most useful community services and apps into one new app. This app is called My HUAWEI and can be downloaded from HUAWEI AppGallery. This new app places a strong emphasis on connecting HUAWEI fans with each other, providing a great mobile portal in the official HUAWEI community. There are also service features present which will help you find help for your specific device.

How to update to the new My HUAWEI app

My HUAWEI app comes as an update to your existing support app. When you update the Support app, it changes to the new My HUAWEI app. There are several ways to get this new update.

1. Automatic update: If you have enabled the “Automatic app update” feature in your AppGallery, the helper app will be updated to My HUAWEI when the new app is available.

2. Manual update: Find the helper app in AppGallery and tap “Update” to install the latest version of My HUAWEI.

3. Manual installation: Search My HUAWEI in AppGallery to download the app.

My HUAWEI app update

Once the update is complete, you will see the title of the helper app change. The new title will display “My HUAWEI”. Once you launch the new app, you will be greeted with a TOS which you will need to accept. After completing this step, you are good to go.

There are five tabs at the bottom of the app that will help you get around. The home app will display news and links that are relevant to you. Use the Store tab to shop for current HUAWEI deals and the latest new devices. The community tab takes you to the forum threads happening among other HUAWEI fans. Support will help you find solutions to common problems, device service options, and video clips related to your phone. Then the last tab is your profile page, where you can easily keep track of your personal information and edit it as needed.

Screenshots of my HUAWEI app

This new app is able to consolidate several previous HUAWEI apps into one. This will help you keep your home screen cleaner and find all the information related to HUAWEI more easily.

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