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What apps can you actually get from Huawei’s app gallery?

(Pocket-lint) – Huawei is going beyond Google – by not including the Google Play app store and Google Mobile Services (GMS) on its phones for the past two years.

Essentially, all phones launched from the end of 2019 have launched without Google’s services, which means Huawei has spent time and money developing a viable alternative.

The situation is not due to Huawei. The previous US administration made no secret of its distrust of anything Chinese and banned US companies from doing business with Huawei – a trade ban.

The background is that he doesn’t want Huawei’s cheap and well-used network equipment deployed and has banned Huawei from using American technologies. In the UK, this is manifested in a total ban on Huawei 5G networking equipment that comes into play from 2027.

The trade ban had a ripple effect on major US companies, including Google, which is losing revenue – although Microsoft apparently had carte blanche to continue selling Windows to the company, as seen with the Huawei MateBook X Pro.

Why App Gallery can be a hit in UK and Europe

As you’ll hear, Huawei’s App Gallery is quite different from Google’s Play Store in terms of what it offers, but it’s not a girl – the store has around 530 million active users. that come back to the store every month, with 42 countries having over 1 million users.

Such a user base is possible because Google services are not ubiquitous in China as they are in the United States and Europe. If you have a Huawei phone in China, you have been using the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Supported Application Gallery for a long time. In total, App Gallery is already available in more than 170 countries, in 78 languages.

The whole store design is also very different from Google Play, with Huawei devoting time and effort to editorial suggestions and discoveries, which helps highlight popular games and apps for the region in which the store is browsed. Its entire layout is focused on browsing, rather than searching and this has seen developer registrations – especially for games – grow massively.

This puts Huawei in a very unique position – unlike Microsoft, Samsung, and others who have tried and failed miserably to build rival app stores, it doesn’t start backwards.

Yet Huawei chief Richard Yu told us when the Mate 30 launched in September 2019 that the phone maker would revert to Google overnight if the trade ban is lifted.

When asked how long it might take for Play Store apps to appear on the handset if a ban is lifted, Yu instantly replied, “Overnight. We can do it immediately.”

But Huawei’s ethics seem to have changed since then. There has been a huge acceleration in Huawei’s existing long-term strategy to establish its own app store outside of China.

He announced a £ 20million fund for developers in the UK alone, as part of a $ 1 billion campaign to port key apps. And Huawei has also teamed up with Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo to create a global app store to compete with the Big Two – regardless of that arrangement. Huawei already works with around 1.6 million app developers around the world. In fact, 300,000 developers are registered outside of China.

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What apps are available in Huawei’s app gallery?

The good news is that Huawei is definitely persuading some names to end up in the App Gallery. Microsoft is getting involved as is Amazon. Deezer, Lufthansa, TikTok, Tidal, JD Sports, Adidas,, Trainline, Viber, and Opera all have apps on the store. Quantity isn’t really an issue on App Gallery, it’s quality.

There is also now a decent maps app in the form of Petal Maps which offers information on navigation, live traffic and public transport. Huawei is also elevating some apps to “hero status,” which essentially means “must-have”.

Aside from Google, the biggest problem with App Gallery adoption is the lack of core apps from the other big tech companies that are so popular in the UK and Europe – Twitter, Facebook’s main app. , Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. Netflix, Disney + and Prime Video.

However, this is a workaround in the form of Petal Search that will allow you to download APKs of apps on Huawei phones. Some of them – like Facebook and WhatsApp – come straight from the official source so you know they’re safe. Others come from unofficial APK sites, but Huawei phones scan the files to make sure they are safe before they can be installed.

The main downside is that they don’t update automatically, so you need to check that your app version is up-to-date often enough.

Coincidentally, Huawei suggests users transfer apps to the P40 series from their old device using Phone Clone, but that means they won’t be able to get automatic updates for those apps to the future and any Google integration – as with Google Drive – will not work.

Comparison of the best Play Store apps with Huawei App Gallery

For a comparison, let’s compare the best apps in the UK Google Play app store with those available in the UK version of App Gallery.

We ignored the Google apps that were on the list – Google Play Games, Hangouts Meet, Google Docs, and Google Classroom as they are obviously not available on App Gallery and provide an unfair comparison in our book.

  1. Zoom – No (but you can download the official APK from Zoom)
  2. Home party – No
  3. Disney + – No
  4. Microsoft Teams – No, but Microsoft Office, Swiftkey, Bing, and Microsoft News are available, so it’s probably only a matter of time.
  5. TikTok – Yes
  6. WhatsApp – No (but you can download the official APK from WhatsApp)
  7. Skype – No
  8. Messenger – No (but you can download the official APK from Facebook)
  9. BBC News – No
  10. Instagram – No
  11. Netflix – No
  12. Microsoft Outlook – No but see Microsoft note above
  13. Tesco grocery store – No
  14. Uber Eats – No (and not Uber)
  15. Audible – No
  16. Asda – No
  17. Twitter – No (but there is a quick app available)
  18. Snapchat – Yes
  19. Sky News – No
  20. NHS – No
  21. Prime Video – No, but with the main Amazon Shopping app there, we would expect that to happen at some point.
  22. Discord – No
  23. Just eat – Yes
  24. Facebook – No (but you can download the official APK from Facebook)
  25. Morrisons – No
  26. Spotify – No
  27. BBC iPlayer – No
  28. Twitch – No
  29. Deliveroo – Yes
  30. Duolingo – No
  31. eBay – No
  32. Amazon Shopping – Yes

App searches often came up with alternatives which tended to be rough approximations – but that’s also an issue with additional copy apps on the Play Store and on iOS / iPadOS sometimes too.

It is therefore clear that there is still work to be done, but it is not an impossible situation. As mentioned, when you search the app gallery, you will also be provided with the app APK results through Petal Search.

So that means even though these apps don’t live in the app gallery, you can still get pretty much all of them on your phone. Likewise, for the default apps like Google Docs, Maps and Notes, etc., Huawei has created its own alternatives that work well, so there is definitely progress being made.

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How does Huawei plan to enroll developers?

When announcing the Mate Xs, Yu said that Huawei “will welcome all developers around the world.” As part of it, it gives non-Chinese developers almost all income from their apps for the first two years the app is on App Gallery – with 100 percent of the revenue in the first year. After the 24 month period, a usual 70/30 split applies.

However, in the absence of a large user base in the UK, Europe and beyond, it hasn’t seemed to have much traction with non-Chinese developers – and that’s the key. And of course, the financial incentive doesn’t really matter with major free apps like Facebook and Twitter.

How easy is it for developers to submit their apps?

It’s actually relatively straightforward for developers to submit their apps to App Gallery – because Huawei’s EMUI operating system is based on Android, it’s fully compatible with it. Developers can essentially submit the same application.

Huawei also helps developers with technical support and integrates things like in-app purchases.

How to downgrade iOS and keep your data

However, there are issues. Suppose your app is using Google Drive to store backups – like WhatsApp does – then suddenly your app is broken because there is no Google Drive support in HMS so you have to find another place to place the backup. In addition, games on Android often integrate with Google Play Games.

This connection is also now broken. Basically, if the app previously used some integration with Google services, it needs to be reworked.

Some Android APIs are also exclusive to GMS, so they won’t work on other versions of Android which further complicates matters.

Written by Dan Grabham. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on .

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